The region received close to 2 million euros of grants


Mauritius, Septembre 18, 2021 – The European Union, through ECOFISH programme, has granted nearly 2 million euros to seven countries in the South-West of the Indian Ocean in order to combat illegal fishing the region. This initiative is integral to the implementation of the Regional Fisheries Surveillance Plan (PRSP) which promotes cooperation to secure a sustainable future for the fisheries sector.


Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania and Seychelles are the beneficiary countries of said grants. This support will be spread over the next three years and will allow these States to carry out joint surveillance aerial of at sea patrols; operate their monitoring systems or centers for managing fisheries data; build the capacities of their technicians and inspectors. Therefore, these PRSP partner countries will be better equipped to jointly manage the fishery resources found in their 6.4 million km2 of cooperation area.


The regional collaboration aimed at better monitoring fisheries has deterred potential illegal fishermen from operating in the region. A decline in the ratio of serious offences in the seas of the southwestern Indian Ocean has indeed been noted during the 14 years of the PRSP's existence. Such a trend proves that fishermen are increasingly complying with the rules governing the Indian Ocean area.

The PRSP plays a very important role as fishing contributes considerably to the economy of the region. As a case in point, it is estimated that 20% of the world's tuna catches come from the southwest Indian Ocean.