Octopus closures to sustainable marine resource management planning, promoting equitable governance of tenure (including women and youth) in small-scale fishing communities in Zanzibar and in Tanzanian Coast through extending successful pilot initiatives.


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  • Registration of project with Registrar of NGOs

  • Situational analysis: scoping and mapping exercise in 12 villages of mainland Tanzania

  • Meetings and presentations of project to Director of Fisheries of mainland Tanzania in October and to Ag Director of Fisheries of Zanzibar in November 

  • E-workshop on EU Financial procedures with EUD of Dar-Es-Salaam

  • Finalizing recruitment of project staffs to be on board in January 2021

  • Visits to Pemba and Unguja districts of Zanzibar for preparation of scoping and mapping exercise in January 2021


August 2020 - August 2024


599,985.00  euros


Mwambao Coastal Community Network Tanzania   




  • Harmonised, enhanced and more effective local, national and bilateral fisheries co-management regimes established.

  • Databases and data sharing protocols for storage and analysis established.

  • A cost-effective programme for long-term ecological monitoring of fish stocks established.

  • Capacity building needs assessment conducted and plan for capacity building of stakeholders developed.

  • Basin-wide co-management regime for the transboundary fisheries enacted.

  • Bilaterally agreed and five-year costed implementation plan for the IFMP of the two basins.


  • Establish bilateral cooperation for sustainable management of the two basins, BASRB and ROLT.

  • Support the establishment and implementation of fisheries co-management system.

  • Capacity building of fisheries stakeholders.

  • Socio-economic assessment and support to gender inclusivity and ITK integration.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of planned activities.

  • Support to cross-border fisheries management for the respective basins.

  • Facilitate the interoperability of systems and exchange of data across the two basins.

  • Support improvements and harmonisation of fisheries assessment, data collection and data management.

  • Support to climate change smart fisheries.

  • Support capacity building for bilaterally harmonised enforcement, compliance and prosecution procedures in the fisheries sector.


The inland and marine coastal fisheries resources of the EA-SA-IO region represent a natural wealth of about € 50 billion. E€OFISH strives to ensure the sustainable management of these assets by putting in place policies to handle them effectively,  by protecting them and by promoting good fishing practices.


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