Improve economic resilience and food security of the artisan fishers in the northern Sudanese Red Sea Coast.


15 %


  • 3 Community Leaders Orientation meetings held from 9th to 11th August 2020

  • Recruited Project Manager, Project Officer and Admin & Finance Officer and other staff

  • Meeting with Ministry of Production and Economic Resources and Humanitarian Aid Commission

  • Purchase of IT equipment

  • Launching of project at state level in October 2020

  • Baseline survey in progress

  • Assessment of  Fish Landing Sites in the Project target Area

  • Village Community Profiles of the target Area

  • Assessment of Private Sector Suppliers related to fishing gears business


August 2020 - August 2023


1000,000 euros


SOS Sahel Sudan      




  • At least 75% of the target artisan fishers are trained in improved fishing practices and techniques.

  • At least 200 women are trained in fish processing (value-added), net-making/maintenance & equipped with basic tools.

  • 80% target artisan fishers supported with basic fishery package (nets, lines, hooks, ropes and ice-boxes).

  • 20% target fishers equipped with fishery assets and technologies (e:g: boats, outboard engines, fish finders, GPS).

  • At least 6 fishery associations (4 for fishermen and 2 for women friends of fishermen) are fully established, formally registered and recognised by government authorities to be engaged in the management of the fishery sector along the northern coast.


  • Skills training of artisan fishers in improved practices and techniques (deep-water fishing, onboard handling techniques, fish preservation, fish preparation and filleting, use of marine navigation devices, fish-aggregating, use of new fishery inputs and technologies.

  • Orientation training and sensitisation in ‘international standards’ on sustainable fisheries management for environment/biodiversity conservation in restricted fishing grounds (marine parks).

  • Tailored skills vocational training packages for women in fish products value-adding, fish processing, filleting and packaging), nutrition value of fish (awareness).

  • Supply of artisan fishers with subsidised packages of fishery inputs and technologies (fishing gears, fishery assets, navigation devices, safety tools), and transportation means.

  • Capacity building of fishery and women associations in organisational management, entrepreneurship, marketing (value-chain), lobbying, micro-finance, protection and safety.


The inland and marine coastal fisheries resources of the EA-SA-IO region represent a natural wealth of about € 50 billion. E€OFISH strives to ensure the sustainable management of these assets by putting in place policies to handle them effectively,  by protecting them and by promoting good fishing practices.


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